At Zacks Investment Management, we value you as a customer. Since our inception in 1992, we have sought to have long-term relationships with our customers. Thus, we do not wish to profit from the unwanted distribution of your private information or to inundate you with unwanted e-mails or other material. The information you may choose to provide includes any or all of the following: email address, name, postal address, and phone number. We only disclose the information you provide us or send you information if you authorize us to do so.

Postal Marketing List

Everyone who submits personal postal information to Zacks Investment Management online will receive special direct mail that may be of interest to you. We do not "rent" our postal marketing list and do not sell your information to third parties. Zacks Investment Management controls the process through an agreement with a postal list service bureau, which handles the distribution of direct mail offers from Zacks Investment Management and its affiliates. Naturally, you can unsubscribe from these direct mail offers at any time by calling us at (800) 245-2934 or emailing your request to

Other Privacy Issues

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Do Not Email List

If you opt out from a Opt-In Marketing List, we will suppress your email address from future mailings from Zacks Investment Management. Please allow 72 hours for us to process your request.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule

If a child has provided us with private information without parental or guardian consent, the parent or guardian should e-mail us to remove the information and unsubscribe the child from any promotional contact opportunities.

Recording of Telephone Conversations

For quality control and training purposes and for our mutual protection, Zacks Investment Management, Inc. and its agents may record our telephone conversations by electronic recording equipment. This authorization constitutes standing and continuing permission to record all telephone conversations. Zacks Investment Management, Inc. need not give me specific notice of the recording of any particular telephone conversation.

Contact Information

If you experience any privacy related difficulties on, please use the following contact information: