Why Zacks

Zacks Investment Research

Zacks has expertise on earnings and utilizes earnings estimate revisions as the cornerstone of an investment philosophy. Over the years many investors, like you, have been seeking an efficient and effective way to capitalize on this research.

Zacks Funds Utilizes This Research

Portfolio manager Mitch Zacks personally created the Zacks Funds for investors enthralled by the Zacks Investment Philosophy, but want us to take it a step further and manage the buy and sell decisions.

The Zacks Difference: Active Funds for an Active Market

In today's volatile market environment, we think a buy and hold mentality won't cut it. We believe that true active management, one that moves beyond the narrow constructs of a benchmark, is a key to success.

Our Funds each implement an active management approach and follow a methodical process. Our core philosophy is based on our belief that each individual company's stock price is driven by earnings expectations. By tracking analysts' earnings estimate revisions we seek to profit from future stock price movement, creating the potential for strong returns for our shareholders.